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Filter backorders have turned a corner with extended leads on only a couple of sizes:  24×24″ tacky intakes are currently 6 weeks.  Floor Paper lead is ~3 wks.  All stock ships within 1 week, non-stock is ~3 weeks, and the longest current backorder is 6 weeks.  More news here.   Always plan ahead!  Build up your stock with our quantity discounts!



Exhaust and Intake

An Optimum finish starts and ends with your airflow.  

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Booth Lights

Improve visibility with GFS LED, High Bay, Explosion Proof, T5, and T8 lamps and fixtures.

Upgrade your paint booth – it’s easy!

GFS offers a full line of industrial lighting.



Overspray mucking up everything?  Protect your booth floor, walls, and glass with coats, covers, and liners.

Try New Grippy Pig Mat

Booth Accessories

Maximize your space with shelves and cabinets made for your spray booth.  Convenient spray gun hooks and hose hangers put your tools at your fingertips.


product bundle discounts


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