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There are no known back-orders at this time; products are shipping within standard leads.  Average lead times for our most popular products can be found here.

The Accordion

 An economical choice for high-volume spray environments, The Accordion baffle lasts up to 5x longer than polyester and fiberglass.  With >98-99% paint arrestance efficiency, The Accordion is available in single-stage and two-stage configurations for a wide capture array.  

The current state of backorders in the filtration market has left everyone scrambling to find inventory.  The Accordion is not impacted by backorders.  In fact, it’s not only the most available filter on the market, you’ll find it’s the better baffle for liquid spray finishing. 

Quick Ship
Custom Sizes
EPA Compliant
Uniform Air Flow
High Holding Capacity
No Face-Loading
No Particle Migration
Long Filter Life
Cut to Fit
Easy Installation
Reduced Down Time
Compact Storage
Technical Specifications

The Accordion captures overspray through impaction by the process of inertial separation (and secondary straining in the Poly-Back).  

  • Recommended Air Velocity:  49-197 fpm, subject to spray operation
  • Recommended Max Pressure Drop:  0.5 – >1 inch w.c., subject to fan motor

Specs & Data

The Standard

Single Stage Filtration
Paint arrestance efficiency:    98.4%
Holding capacity:  6 lbs/20″ pad
Stock nos.:   1MS, 36S, 25S, 20S
36S36"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$70.00Add to cart

1mS1x10m1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

20S20x20"40 baffles/box52 boxes/skid

$75.00Add to cart

25S20x25"34 baffles/box52 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

*Note that pad size filters can be turned either direction in the cell opening.  If you have a 25″ tall cell opening, turn the 20×25″ so that the pleats run horizontally.  Use a wire baffle support to hold the pleats open.  Old Binks booths are an example of this kind of cell frame.

The Poly-Back

Two-Stage Filtration
Paint arrestance efficiency:  99.4%
Holding capacity:  6.5 lbs/20″ pad
Stock nos.:  1MP, 36P, 25P, 20P

36P3x30'1 baffle/box56 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

1mP1x8m1 baffle/box56 boxes/skid

$85.00Add to cart

2060P20x60"5 baffles/box52 boxes/skid

$85.00Add to cart

20P20x20"28 baffles/box52 boxes/skid

$78.00Add to cart

25P20x25"24 baffles/box52 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

Cut to Length
Custom Sizes

Standard filters are available in most any size.  Custom poly-back sizes may not be possible.  If you need a size not shown, send us the inside dimensions of your frame (height, length). 

Lead time for all custom sizes is 2 weeks by default (but may ship sooner).  Some sizes may require a minimum order and/or extended lead (to wait until the next production run – poly customs most impacted).

To Cut an Accordion Filter

Note that some part numbers are sized “nominal” vs. “actual”.  Click the link to learn which part numbers are “nominal”.  If in doubt, send us the inside dimensions of your exhaust frame.  The manufacturer will provide the correct part number/size filter.

17.625S17.625"x30'2 baffles/box60 boxes/skid

$85.00Add to cart

19.625S19.625"x30'2 baffles/box60 boxes/skid

$85.00Add to cart

19.75S19.75"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$75.00Add to cart

22.5S22.5"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

26.25S 26.25"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

27S27"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

27.5S27.5"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

27.75S27.75"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

2972S29"x72"5 baffles/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

30S30"x30'1 baffle/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

38.572S38.5"x72"5 baffles/box60 boxes/skid

$80.00Add to cart

The Accordion Baffle Support

Accordion Baffle Supports

Supports are required for 20×20″ and 20×25″ filters only.  This is a simple, one-time installation.  View the Installation instructions

20BS20x20"16.00Freight Quote Required
25BS20x25"16.00Freight Quote Required