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Series 3200 Paint Arrestors


Expanded Paper Poly Back Pads – 3200 Series 20×25″

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RP Paint Arresters are disposable paint overspray collectors that efficiently trap paint solids before they reach the exhaust stack. These were the first dry filters specifically designed to control paint overspray. Through the years, the RP family of standard, high efficiency and high capacity Paint Arresters has proven to be a cost effective, efficient way to handle virtually every overspray requirement.

Made of slit and expanded Kraft paper and one layer of light polyester, the multiple layers of RP Paint Arrestors are assembled so the intake side has larger openings than the exhaust side. This provides depth loading for maximum service life. RP 3000 Series paint arrestors have an average efficiency range of 98.5-99.5% when tested using two pads in tandem. Increased efficiency provides less booth and stack cleaning as well as less coating particulate introduced into the environment.

60 filters per pack.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 23 x 21 in


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