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Paint Pockets Green Filters


Paint Pocket Green Pads 20×20″

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Paint Pockets Green is specifically designed and priced to replace expanded paper, fiberglass and other lower efficient lower cost filters. By switching your filtration media to Paint Pockets Green you reap the rewards of the Paint Pockets Green triple bonus: high efficiency, long life, and cost savings. Paint Pockets arrestors have superior wet tensile strength. Arrestors loaded with wet overspray do get heavy, but they won’t tear or sag.

Paint Pockets Green’s 99.43% arrestance efficiency means it knocks down and retains more overspray than other filters. It keeps overspray out of your exhaust stack and off the booth floor. The Paint Pockets Green filter has a holding capacity of up to 6 pounds of overspray per square foot. Filters loaded with overspray do get heavy, but won’t tear or sag due to the special design of the filter. Its unique design holds up to five times more overspray than other filters, enabling you to cut your filter changes by up to 80%.

The three-dimensional diamond pocket embedded in the front face of Paint Pockets Green more than double its surface area allowing the filter to remain in the booth longer to capture and hold large quantities of overspray. As the filter loads with overspray they start to resemble your current filter but do not need to be changed until the sides of the pocket fill with overspray.

Rolls:  1 roll per bag (ships LTL – requires freight quote)

Pads:  40 pads per box

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Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 61 x 7 x 7 in

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