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CC100 Cube Filters


CC100 2 pocket overspray collection polyester cube filter – 10″ 12x24x10″

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Air Flow Technology Series CC100 Cube Filter is made from 100% polyester, the media consists of a 1 inch coarse dual layer to facilitate overspray collection and retention, combined with a second layer designed to trap finer paint particles. The CC100 Cube Filter has extra high paint holding capacity and 99.8% particle arrestance efficiency.

The CC100 Cube Filter is best suited for “dry type” paint overspray collection. Heat-sealed to a heavy gauge metal support frame that forms a seal when installed, the CC100 Cube Filter is also available in a headered version.

2 & 3 Pockets

  • 10″ cubes:  10 filters per case
  • 15″ cubes:  8 filters per case
  • 20″ cubes:  6 filters per case

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 12 x 24 in

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